A second pre-sale?  Yes ! We heard you :)
In order to satisfy the persons who would have missed the 1st pre-sale, this time we offer you, in collaboration with our partner GK Elite, to be able to order your official leotard and to receive it during the International Gymnix at the IG official boot which will take place from March 4 to 8.

Will it be possible to buy a leotard during the event?
Yes. However, we will offer a more limited quantity and the price of the leotard will be $50. No reduction offer will be possible at this time. This is why we advise you to order today to guarantee the best choice in terms of size and price!

Other questions ?
Please write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer you.


2e pré-vente de maillot - 1.png

2e pré-vente de maillot - 2 (1).png


BUY NOW : $45